CryptoCurrency (is) The Flag

Are you ready to learn hacking cryptocurrencies through realistic examples?

CCTF Vol6. goes live in 2021. May. 27., during BsidesBUD 2021 || Vol6. Registration here
If you have questions, join us on Discord: CCTF Discord

Guide for beginners: Awalcon Blog: Start Playing CCTF

Vol6. Awards

More awards to be annonced soon!
Every registrant: 100 HODLbag and ILG tokens
1st: 5000 HODLbag tokens and a physical bag, Hacktivity 2021 ticket and t-shirt
2nd: 3000 HODLbag tokens and MyCryptoSeed, Hacktivity 2021 ticket and t-shirt
3rd: 2000 HODLbag tokens, Hacktivity 2021 ticket and t-shirt

Topics of the game from the past: cryptography, blockchain, Proof of Authority, Smart Contract security, frontrunning, mev and cryptocurrency infrastructure vulnerabilities, weak crypto, misconfigurations, leaked wallets, BIP seeds.

Our past events: BsidesBUD 2019, Hacktivity 2019, BDAY3.0, Hacktivity 2020, BDAY 4.0

Authors: members of Awalcon, Cryptall, HODLife and H.A.C.K.

Contact, feedback, questions and if you want to invite us to your conference:

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