CCTF/ vol9 round 2: 2023 Dubai yacht&desert

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Top web3 CTF hacking events, on-chain.

Next round to be deployed on Moonbeam.

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What is CCTF?

> We are a collective of hackers, cryptographers and
have set out to create the first Crypto CTF made by
hackers for hackers in which you can not just capture
flags, but an actual wallet containing real prizes.

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Be part of a glitch in reality.

> See if you can outsmart us and we show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Solve our riddles, put together the pieces of the puzzle, capture our flags and uncover the final treasure: a large prize pool and the party of your life. Meet the other attendees and network with industry leaders of web3 on a yacht in Singapore.

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> Best CTF I’ve ever been to. Awesome location, cool people and a nice atmosphere. Looking forward to the next one!


> I didn’t win but learned so much. Over all it was an awesome experience. Thanks guys.


> The challenges were pretty tough but the meat from the grill was tougher.


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Registration opens in August

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