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Collect as much Ethereum as you can from the CCTF coins by hacking wallets and exploiting vulnerabilities.

If you can take coins through the provided infrastructure from other players, it is allowed of course. Time matters! It is a wargame!

Do NOT attack "" main domain. This is only this site!

Do NOT initiate denial of service (DoS) attacks against the server. You can get autobanned.

Domain and ip address allowed to attack: and

Smart contracts to attack: see the list at the challenges.

How scoring works? Simple:

Flag == Wallet && Proof == You took the wallet's balance to your registered account.

In case of smart contracts: Proof == You took the smart contract's balance to your registered account.

One challenge can increase your CCTF score only once with a fixed amount! So, for example if you send additional Ether to the CCTF challenges: the addition won't be counted.

Notes about scoring

End of the CTF: 28 March 17:00 ! Announcement of winners was at: 17:30, BsidesBud!

Winners: three highest scoring players who are there at BsidesBUD can get the prizes.

1st prize: iStorage diskAshur (2TB, 256 bit) offered by Biztributor + #Hacktivity2019 ticket, T-shirt & hoodie

2nd prize: #Hacktivity2019 ticket, T-shirt & hoodie

3rd prize: #Hacktivity2019 ticket

To get the prizes, the winners must prove that the winning address belong to them by making a transaction to a specified address. After the announcement, please contact us directly!

This is the first time we go live, please send us feedback. During the CCTF time we answer immediately:

Thank you all for the participation and congratulations to the winners!