Are you ready to learn hacking cryptocurrencies through realistic examples?

The seventh event starting at Hacktivity 2021 and finishing in Dubai, on the Crypto Yacht.

Challenges creators: Six, Silur, Rooney, Factoreal

Partners of the event: Hacktivity, EcoX, Asis, Olymp Consulting

Main Sponsors of CC7F: SBC Glocal, MyCryptoSeed, HODLbag


Matrix: CCTF Matrix Room
Discord: CCTF Discord Server

Guide for beginners: Awalcon Blog: Start Hacking

CC7F Information

CCTF Vol7. aka CC7F goes live at Hackvitiy, on 8th October.

Prizes for Round 1winners:

  • Top 8: trip to Dubai and entry to play ROUND2 on the next Bitcoin/Crypto Yacht Party (6 hours)
  • Top 8: gain HDL tokens and receive a HODLbag crypto training bag
  • Top 3: Hacktivity t-shirts and tickets for 2022
  • Top 3 winners get a MyCryptoSeed seed storage
  • Few more prizes might be added later as we are waiting for answers from more sponsors.

  • Prizes for Round2 are secret yet 🙂


Awalcon – Tech writeups and articles – Crypto hacking challenge (Hungarian article)

Bitcoinist – EcoX Partners With CCTF Organizers to Host the Largest Blockchain Hacking Event