CryptoCurrency (is) The Flag

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Stage 1 - The Beginning (08:40)

0.1 CCTF Get started with some warm-up. Simple as that, get your 0.1 CCTF Eth from this contract: 0x67D0D3D2d3666b8De030AF89CC61E46E95c9aE1B. Only one transaction will be added to your score and remember that it is a wargame!

0.3 CCTF Developers are working hard on the ICO all over the networks. Wallet address: 0xb590da8ec2da5c1222bcff2e3af7b811b5f2fd18

0.3 CCTF Someone was testing a contract and deployed it publicly by a mistake (without source code): 0xFB39E96F1B00037D95b4cF93Ae4468Cc780F7A02

0.3 CCTF These developers are just throwing out smart contracts: 0xE3DEFA0A30CD1D8Be52e1166BbE6fFED98e36ae9

0.5 CCTF BlockICO is proud to share their pictures taken at Budapest Hackerspace, while coding: gallery 0x94E3AEFf4E99C1947558228512b259b1c3717039

0.6 CCTF Encryption != encoding. But where is the file? Can you crack the seed? You need to find this file on your own. Wallet address: 0x8AF456dB8bd2118fB257B90b96b77BBe580836A1

1.0 CCTF The Initial Coin Offering may have some issues on their web-app-site. Wallet address: 0x17e6aafbf551250323ae43befb8cf2bfd92de65a

Stage 2 - The ICO (from 12:00)

Will be listed after 12:00 after the ICO went live!

0.7 CCTF There is still no source for some smart contracts. Be careful not to become suicidal and remember the wargame part: 0xB590Da8EC2DA5C1222bcFf2E3af7B811b5F2FD18

0.7 CCTFInject to get the file. Wallet address:0x1E9f802DE4B5a477ACb03b3320DA178B6401eD37

2.0 CCTF Time to root. 0x9E448097Fb33CD8e8B9b487B8a1F2E23B799Ce1B

3.2 CCTF Have you seen the ICO's smart contract? BlockICO thinks it is more secure without sharing the source code. Is it? War on! 0x421bc879bb932c4bcfe4b47ae753fc003739a97e