CCTF/ Hacking Event / Global / Dubai / Singapore

$ whoami

We are hackers who set out on the mission to bring web3 and crypto closer to people, therefore we are hosting the biggest Crypto CTF in our galaxy.

We are cyberpunks who set out on the mission to bring crypto closer to people, therefore we are hosting the biggest Crypto CTF in our galaxy.

Our Story

Throwback 2019 six was sitting at home lonely and bored looking at his screen watching bitcoin hitting one all-time low after another, the worst: even the wojak memes were not funny anymore. After slurping a cup of semi cold ramen down and drinking, probably one mate too much. Some neuron in this man’s brain kicked into gear and set out on a mission. “Make crypto crypto again! Like the good old times.” But how? Build a P2P currency with privacy? No already done. Building a metachain? No already being build. Buying some NFTs. Where is the fun in that ? Creating a challenge from hackers for hackers with the goal of capturing wallets instead of a boring flag. THATS IT!
Ok, now how do we convince this guy that he is destined to create the most awesome crypto CTF ever. Fast-forward 2022. The most awesome crypto CTF is now also the biggest Crypto CTF with an awesome yacht party, huge prizes for the winners and lots of like-minded people to connect to.


> Our challenges range from vanilla hacking challenges, like password cracking, steganography or web exploitation over to advanced blockchain related challenges like smart contract hacking, DeFi front running and exploitation of incorrectly implemented RSA.

> No matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced hacker we welcome everyone. Our main goal is to have a great time together while hosting the most authentic crypto CTF.


CTF / Hackathons / Budapest-Dubai-Singapore-Phuket

2^6 people

> network with industry leaders
> meet the other attendees
> talk to cyberpunks from all over the world


> Global and decentralized CTF events

> Hackathons

> Hardest challenges

> Top hackers


Given away on the next irl event!


six, founder