Learn crypto through hacking

CCTF is the largest hacker competition for crypto/blockchain hackers. The authors focus on creating realistic challenges that cryptographers, auditors, pentesters and security engineers face on a daily base.

Thank you everyone who keeps supporting us: NextEarth, SBC Global, Hacktivity, BsidesBUD, HODLbag and H.A.C.K.

CCTF is independent, non-profit, but accepts sponsors and partners. Current authors are: Six, Silur, Factoreal and Rooney

Story and past CCTF events

The vision of CCTF was created at the beginning of 2019 by Six and the first round was played during the BsidesBUD information security conference. Since then, each event started with an increased number of participants and sponsorship awards. The main organizers are Six and Silur. They work together since CCTF Volume 3. and work hard on pushing the limits of the event forward. CC7F will have even more challenges and the winners will be awarded from a $15000 prize pool.

Topics of the game from the past: cryptography, blockchain, Proof of Authority, Smart Contract security, frontrunning and cryptocurrency infrastructure vulnerabilities, weak crypto, misconfigurations, leaked wallets, BIP seeds, incorrect RSA implementation, polkadot, ethereum, bitcoin.

List of our past events:
BsidesBUD 2019, Hacktivity 2019, BDAY3.0, Hacktivity 2020, BDAY 4.0, Hacktivity 2021, CCTF 2021 Dubai Crypto Yacht

Authors at past events: Six, Silur and H.A.C.K.

For the more hackers, our main topics are: crypto ctf, crypto, PRNG, algorithm, sha251, crack, hash, sign, password, PoW, MITM, Python, Ring0, RSA, math, xor, ecc, elliptic curve, block, verify, digest, mode, security, keccak, broken, keygen, exponent and much more.

Writeups will be shared for your practice soon.