“Are you ready to learn hacking cryptocurrencies through realistic examples?”


CC7F Information


CCTF Vol7. aka CC7F goes live at Hackvitiy, on 8th October.


Round 2 went live in Dubai, on the Crypto Yacht, on 2021. November 27th.

Prizes for Round 1winners:


  • Top 8: trip to Dubai and entry to play ROUND2 on the next Bitcoin/Crypto Yacht Party (6 hours)
  • Top 8: gain HDL tokens and receive a HODLbag crypto training bag
  • Top 3: Hacktivity t-shirts and tickets for 2022
  • Top 3 winners get a MyCryptoSeed seed storage
  • Few more prizes might be added later as we are waiting for answers from more sponsors.


Prizes for Round2 prizes:


  • 1st -> $6000 in crypto (BTC or ETH) + 3000 HDL + MyCryptoSeed
  • 2nd-> $4000 in crypto (BTC or ETH) + 2000 HDL + MyCryptoSeed
  • 3rd-> $3000 in crypto (BTC or ETH) + 1000 HDL
  • CCTF regsitrants w Eth address: HODLbag Airdrop on 10th December
  • All 5 players: HODLbag, swags (cap, t-shirt, stickers)
  • HODL Challenge winner: HODLbag + MyCryptoSeed




Challenges creators: Six, Silur, Rooney, Factoreal


Partners of the event: Hacktivity, EcoX, Asis, Olymp Consulting


Main Sponsors of CC7F: SBC Global, MyCryptoSeed, HODLbag





Awalcon – Tech writeups and articles


Index.hu – Crypto hacking challenge (Hungarian article)


Bitcoinist – EcoX Partners With CCTF Organizers to Host the Largest Blockchain Hacking Event


From our main sponsor: “During the CC7F event, the company SBC Global FZCO from Dubai presented the IBX Interbank Token, the first token for payment processing between banks worldwide. SBC Global FZCO has already found the first partner bank and in addition, another 20 banks worldwide want to cooperate. The audit of the IBX Token was successfully completed by blockchain and cryptography experts of our partner Cryptall OÜ.”



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