QDAO aka QRUCIAL DAO’s milestone 2. is being delivered by Crypto CTF OÜ. The core members work together for a long time and since CCTF became the part of the Polkadot ecosystem, we found it better to go this way. Now, with a front-end it is easier for everyone to test what we built so far.


QDAO is a web3 security tool suite and reputation system. Clients can request security audits on the platform and auditors can apply to take them. Audits reports can be challenged and reputation can be taken from each other. You can think about it as a wargame, where reputation of players is in stake.

Who are the participants of QDAO?

Clients who request the audit. QRD is needed to do it.

Automated audit system runs immediately after the transaction is processed. This is the first step of audit. Some of the most common tools check the project and creates an automated report.

Auditors take upon the work and finalize the reports.

Council members supervise the audit report challenges and at this stage, decides the outcome.

How to get QRD?

You can use the inbuilt Alice and Bob accounts to transfer some QRD for yourself. This option is temporary and someone might occasionally dump their balances. If that is the case, contact us on Matrix at #qdao_dev_pub:matrix.org. We’ll be happy to send you some QRD for testing.

How to request an audit?

Create the package that you want to get audited. You have two options now:

1. Cargo project package, zipped into a single file. Extension needs to be .zip and should contain the relevant src files and Cargo.toml.

2. Solidity bytecode format, extension in the name should be .bytecode

After you prepared the audit package or binary file, check its keccak256 hash and upload it to a public server. Then, visit the requestor page and fill the form (link and hash). Approve the payment using your Substrate wallet of choice. Done.

You can see the audits and their state on the home and audits pages: https://qrucial.io/

How to become an auditor?

You will need to use the signup page. You can test the auditor features by utilizing the inbuilt accounts and approve yourself. Documentation can be found on the wiki.

How to become a council member?

You can use the inbuilt accounts, similarly as written above regarding the auditor status. For milestones 3, you can contact us on Matrix to join the tester team.

Connect and contribute

Currently the system is open to for everyone to test and contribute without limitations (other than rekting the system).

Enter #qdao_dev_pub:matrix.org for open discussions or getting in touch with the QDAO members.